Meadow Vole Control

Unlike gopher trapping and mole trapping, we like to trap voles above ground using a specially designed “runway trap” for vole removal. Here’s how the process works:

  1. We begin the vole trapping process first by identifying the runs left by the voles.
  2. Next, we lay out our runway traps and cover them with a shroud.
  3. Then, we mark where the traps have been left with flags.
  4. Every few days, we return to your property to remove the dead animals and monitor for any new activity.

Meadow vole populations can spike quickly and then decline naturally. Problems that persist require trapping. If these field mice are damaging your lawn or eating your plants, give us a call and we’ll get rid of voles fast.

Don’t let voles damage your property any more than they already have! Call in our professionals to get rid of these damaging pests as soon as possible. At Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, we have years of experience with the trapping and removal of these pesky pests and are proud of the results we will give you with the removal of voles as well as the amazing customer service you’ll receive when we arrive on location. Learn more about our service on our website or contact us to have any specific questions answered. We’ll be happy to help you out with your vole removal needs.

To schedule vole removal from your property, or if you would like to learn more about how to trap voles, contact us today via email, or call (408) 871-6988.

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