Smith’s special form of critter control is effective because we do not need pesticides. We use a lethal trap that kills the critters instantly. Our state licensed trappers are the best of the Bay Area at critter control. We have a 100% money back guarantee and 48 top-rated reviews on Yelp to back up our claims.

But don’t take our word for it.

Below are just a handful of testimonials from happy, satisfied customers.

We contacted Smiths Gopher Trapping service after our yard turned into a war zone. Every morning there were more mounds of dirt. What made it worse was these mounds were very interesting to our 82lb malamute who would dig them up making it look even worse. We tried trapping them ourselves with traps purchased at the hardware store and that was just a waste of time. The Smiths guys came out, set the traps and we were told to wait a week. The next day things improved greatly. A week later the guy came out and set more traps in a new area that had been invaded since their last visit. It only took a couple weeks and they trapped 4 critters in total. We are all clear now thanks to Smiths!
— Rhonda B.
Hayward, CA


They also catch moles, which is what we had in our garden. The trapper MIGUEL was very knowledgeable and professional. The charge was $200 for an initial property check and setting of traps (heavy duty ones that kill rapidly), plus $80 for each mole caught (moles are harder to trap than other animals). Usually there are only one or two moles, but just one can cause enormous damage in a day or two, so phone as soon as you see any signs. Miguel trapped two of them. The company was very responsive to my emails, friendly, and only billed me after everything was done.
— Heather D.
Berkeley, CA


This is a really good operation which I highly recommend. They are responsive, flexible, professional, competent, reliable, communicative and oh yeah, they caught the mole that was trashing my yard. Forget the DIY solutions to this issue, they don’t work. By the time you save the money on that and potential damage these guys are worth the cost.
— Paul C.
Los Altos, CA


I just wish I found out Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service earlier! Highly recommended! Our neighborhood has had gopher problem for the past few years. They seem to move one house down the street each year and came to our house by the end of last year. First I tried to set some traps myself but soon found out it’s not an easy job, otherwise there won’t be those gopher trapping companies in existence :-). Then I began searching on yelp and making phone calls. I tried several companies with good reviews, either no response, or needs to wait a long time, or use poison. Smith’s is the one that responded soon, can schedule a service the next day, and they use traps. Georgia soon sent me an email with everything explained clearly. She is very nice and responsive. I selected the most popular annual trapping service, prepaid for three months, and can cancel any time after that. Their price is very reasonable, too. Everything is very easy and smooth. The next day, a worker (sorry I forgot his name) came as scheduled and set traps. I didn’t see any new holes ever since then! Alfredo came one week later and found two gophers trapped and set some new traps. What surprised me is that only two days later, Mike came and checked the work done for quality control and found another gopher trapped. I feel that this company is really doing what they can to ensure great customer service. Very impressed! After that, they still came periodically to check. Everyone is very polite and really know their job. And the good thing is I don’t even need to be home. Just open the door of our backyard. They’ll leave a note of report after they’re done. It’s been almost three months now and everything is fine. I’m going to cancel the service for now, but will certainly choose them again if the issue came back in the future!
— Yan H.
Sunnyvale, CA


I’m SO glad I found the Smith’s Trapping Service. Eli, my trapper, has been to my property 4 times and has caught 3 moles that were destroying my recently planted landscaping and my gardener didn’t know what to do (in fact, he thought it was gophers). Eli has been prompt, knowledgable, and showed me exactly what he was doing. Because we’re need to a creek we’re continuing with a monthly service for a while until we get these critters under good control–or at least convince them to stay down in the creek area! Smith’s has been great to deal with and money well spent. Wish I had stated with them erlier before I lost so many of my plants!
— Catherine D.
San Rafael, CA


I’ve had issues with gophers for several years and tried so many things… gassing, flooding, chewing gum, castor oil, and none of them worked. Finally I had reached the end of my rope. My wife came across Smith’s via yelp and I gave them a call. They charge a set fee to come out and set their traps and there is a fee for each pest that they catch. Within a few days they sent Eli out to my house when I was gone at work, and when I returned that night, I saw a bunch of blue flags in my yard where he set the traps. He left an update at my door to tell me how many traps he set. About a week and a half later, I saw those flags gone and some new flags out with another report of how many gophers he caught and how many new traps he set. The next time he visited, I happened to be home. I asked him if I could watch how he set his traps and see if he had caught anything else with the four traps he set. He gladly had me accompany him and he showed me how he located the tunnels, set the traps, and we even found a couple dead gophers that his traps had caught! Smith’s was great to deal with, they made everything easy. Invoice sent online and paid via Paypal, I didn’t have to be home for them to set the traps, they gave me updates on their progress, and best of all, no more gophers! This was definitely money well spent! If you have gophers, give Smith’s a call, they will take great care of you!
— Jeff C.
Castro Valley, CA


About 2 weeks after we completed a huge landscaping project in our backyard, the moles started building a subway system there. YIKES!! We tried buying the smoke bombs and poison from Home Depot in order to stop them but it didn’t help. Then our lawn guy suggested we called Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service. A really nice, professional guy named Eli came out within a couple of days, set some traps and we waited. I noticed some more activity about a week later, called the office and Eli came back again that day and set some more traps. Lo and behold all activity stopped and when he came again today (about 2 weeks after the initial visit), he had trapped 2 moles! Yay!! I have a 3 month contract with them right now but may need to extend that so we can keep those little monsters out!
— Marilyn E.
Mill Valley, CA


Over a year’s period of time I saw my lovely lawn get decimated by gophers. I tried many “home” solutions (smoke bombs, traps, etc.) but to no avail. One day I just got tired of seeing the “critters” popping out of holes that I said enough is enough. I called Smith’s and within a week they were on site and laying traps. Eight Gophers and 5 moles later my property is now free of critters and my lawn is coming back, I feel I can now plant veggies again!!! Whole process took a month or so. I would recommend Smith’s to anyone, note, they are very busy and not always available to just jump in and start.
— Fred I.
Los Gatos, CA


Wow, what a great service! These guys are terrific and respond very quickly. Within a day of calling them, Eli and his crew were at my house setting traps. A few days later they returned, and of course there was a dead mole in the trap, plus new gopher activity not present during their first check. Eli also showed us the difference between a mole hole and a gopher hole, and explained how the different animals act and eat. I’m so glad we chose Smith’s to get after this new problem. Thanks to Zach for getting Eli and his crew out here before we lost a lot of valuable plants. Their prices are very reasonable too — and it’s much better for the environment to trap instead of poison. ou don’t want to kill an owl or pets if they ate a half-dead poisoned gopher. Keep up the great service, Smith’s!
— Playa C.
Lafayette, CA


Called them up for gopher removal service, and they came out pretty quick! They killed about 2-3 gophers, and we haven’t had a problem since! They continue to follow-up to make sure we’re A-OK every couple week with a note on our door. Wonderful service! They saved our lawn from total destruction! Will use them again if needed.
— Lisa D.
San Bruno, CA


I’ve used Smith’s twice now to get rid of moles in my front yard. I have been very impressed and pleased with their service. They are efficient, responsive, and reasonably priced. I especially love that I can email them, and they’ll come right over usually within 24 hours to set their traps at no hassle to you. You don’t even need to be there – they’ll find the pest on their own, and you’ll know they were there when you see the blue flags they place in your lawn. I don’t know how they get the traps in place so easily, but they’ve trapped three moles for me and I couldn’t be happier. I spent months trying to kill what I thought were gophers using store bought poisons to no avail, all while the little buggers chewed up my front lawn. That will never happen again thanks to Smiths. I will continue to use them when necessary, and refer them to all of my friends!
— Martha G.
Fremont, CA


I was so impressed! I left a message and it was returned within the hour. Everything was well explained and documented. I had a service tech out the next day! The follow up was outstanding and I am now critter free!
— Brenda S.
Los Gatos, CA

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