How to Identify Gopher, Mole & Ground Squirrel Damage

How to Identify Gophers & How to identify Moles:

To some folks, the sigs of burrowing pests are all to easy to identify. If you live in an area regularly infested with gophers, moles or voles you will know the signs immediately. Piles of soil, ridges in lawns, holes in the grass and chewing on plants will give away the presence of these pests.

For some folks though, these are not usual things to see, but a one time fluke. They have a new critter that wandered in one night and took up residence, and their damage is less obvious or pronounced.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify a gopher or mole problem. The included videos will help illustrate the specific damage caused by gophers and moles as well as raccoons and squirrels.

If you have any uncertainty as to what kind of burrowing pest you have in your property, please give us a call, email or text and if you can send some pictures of the damage you are seeing. We will help you identify and resolve the problem.

Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, your Bay Area Gopher Guy, is happy to answer questions over the phone on how to identify gopher damage, and how to reduce their impact or get rid f gophers completely. Give us a call for free advice or a quote.