How to Identify Gopher, Mole & Ground Squirrel Damage

How to Identify Gophers & How to identify Moles:

To some folks, the sigs of burrowing pests are all to easy to identify. If you live in an area regularly infested with gophers, moles or voles you will know the signs immediately. Piles of soil, ridges in lawns, holes in the grass and chewing on plants will give away the presence of these pests.

For some folks though, these are not usual things to see, but a one time fluke. They have a new critter that wandered in one night and took up residence, and their damage is less obvious or pronounced.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify a gopher or mole problem. The included videos will help illustrate the specific damage caused by gophers and moles as well as raccoons and squirrels.

If you have any uncertainty as to what kind of burrowing pest you have in your property, please give us a call, email or text and if you can send some pictures of the damage you are seeing. We will help you identify and resolve the problem.

Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, your Bay Area Gopher Guy, is happy to answer questions over the phone on how to identify gopher damage, and how to reduce their impact or get rid f gophers completely. Give us a call for free advice or a quote.

Gopher control in cemeteries

Gopher control in cemeteries is essential for customer satisfaction- By your bay area gopher guy, Zach Smith,

Tombstone toppling from gopher underminging
Tombstone toppling from gopher undermining

As gophers and moles work their way around a cemetery, bad things can begin to happen. The footing these heavy monuments sit upon will begin to settle and the marker can topple over, often breaking the marble, and potentially causing harm to others. Without gopher control, the nice straight rows of grave markers are knocked out of alignment by the gopher and mole undermining, giving the memorial park a unkempt and scattered look. And the gopher piles all over the lawns pose a tripping hazard for the bereaved. We suggest a gopher trapping program in cemeteries for exactly these reasons. The cost to keep gophers under control is much more affordable than paying to straighten headstones, and to compensate injured visitors who fall over a mole hill or step in a gopher hole. We get rid of gophers in cemeteries with traps, no secondary poisoning issues like pesticides cause. We’re the cemetery gopher guy of the bay area!

Gopher damages headstone
Gophers have surrounded this headstone and it will surely settle or fall over in time.


Gopher control in cemeteries is essential for customer satisfaction
This gopher is undermining this monument at a local cemetery, causing it to list to one side.
Gopher damage can cause broken ankles to guests at a cemetery while they visit their loved ones.
Gopher damage can cause broken ankles to guests at a cemetery while they visit their loved ones

One thing we learned recently to avoid: controlling gophers by making false burrows in cemeteries and farms. Though this may work upfront, the burrows are an invitation for return pests, especially ground squirrels. Learn more about alternative methods of  gopher control here:

Gopher Control
We don’t recommend this method for gopher control in cemeteries for the risk of inviting a major ground squirrel problem.