Smith’s Gopher Trapping San Francisco

Although you might think certain furry critters like gophers, voles, moles, rats, and ground squirrels are cute from afar, the reality is that they can wreak havoc on your property. Gophers consume so much vegetation every day that it weighs about about 60% of their body weight. They love to eat roots, herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, and vegetables and flowering plants.

If you’ve observed evidence of gopher tunnels in your yard, garden, or even at your school or public park, you need the most reliable gopher removal San Francisco has to offer.

But it’s important to know that not just any pest control services will do. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the skills or experience to claim that they’re the experts in gopher trapping San Francisco residents rely on. It’s right there in our company name.

Why We’re the Authority on Gopher Services San Francisco Needs

What sets our gopher removal apart from the competition? We have the tools, the experience, and the patience to humanely catch gophers before they cause any more damage to your grounds.

  • We have the expertise

    Owner Zachary Smith, a professional horticulturist and avid gardener, actually founded the company when he exhausted his search for a reputable gopher removal service. We understand first-hand how frustrating it is to see your beautiful landscaping and pristine property torn up by gophers, moles, voles, and other rodents. Equipped with a degree in horticulture from Cal Poly and several state licenses and certifications, Zachary leads a team of knowledgeable, responsive, highly trained individuals who are dedicated to producing real results.

  • We use more humane, eco-friendly methods

    While there are a couple of different ways to get rid of gophers on a property, our methods do not rely on harmful toxins to get the job done. If you’re searching the option for the most humane gopher trapping San Francisco can provide, you’ll like our trapping technique. As a bonus, it’s actually more effective and less costly.

  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

    As we’ve mentioned, we know what it’s like to hire a pest control company and not see the results you were promised. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll solve your problem and produce fantastic results. On top of that, we pledge that if your experience with us was lacking in any way, we’ll offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We pride ourselves on customer service and creating a personalized experience for your benefit. We work hard to impress and never want your experience with Smith’s to be anything less than stellar.

When you require the very best in gopher services San Francisco has available, you’ll want Smith’s at the top of your list. To find out more about our rodent control and how they can help restore the look of your green space, get in touch with us today.

Do you need humane gopher removal San Francisco? Call Smith’s Gopher Trapping first.