San Francisco Mole Vole Gopher Removal Services

Welcome to Smith’s Gopher Trapping Services. We provide the San Francisco area with trusted mole, vole, and gopher removal services. Our team of experienced gopher exterminators uses effective methods to get rid of pests that may be plaguing your lawn, garden, or property. We guarantee that we will be able to remove troublesome rodents. When you need gopher services in the San Francisco Bay Area, nobody does it better than Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service.

Why Do You Need Pest Removal Services?

Gophers, moles, yellow jackets, and other animals and insects can damage your house, property, and even your loved ones. Creatures that dig underground, such as gophers and moles, can damage your yard and vegetation. Other pests, such as yellow jackets, can sting unsuspecting pets and humans that disturb their hive. The sooner you find a solution to your infestation, the sooner you and your loved ones can resume your daily routines.

Pet and Kid Friendly Methods

At Smith’s Gopher Trapping Services, we use safe trapping methods that will only eliminate the pests we are going after; our ground squirrel bait will not harm pets, kids, or wildlife. The effective methods we use give our clients the peace of mind that no other animal or human will be affected.

Effective Treatments

Our mole, vole, and gopher removal services have been proven to work time and again for our San Francisco clients. For years, we have been exterminating or removing destructive creatures in the area.

Don’t Settle for Pest Removal Services That Don’t Work

When it comes to protecting your property and your loved ones from pests in the San Francisco area, don’t hesitate. Give Smith’s Gopher Trapping Services a call today! Set up an appointment by dialing 408-871-6988.