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Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service gets rid of gophers in Monterey…

As well as Pacific Grove, Carmel, Pebble Beach and nearby communities in California. 

Here at Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, we see a lot of damage in landscapes and gardens caused by these burrowing animal’s destructive activities, and your Monterey Bay gopher guy can help with rodent and pest control.

Why it is important to stop gopher, mole and ground squirrel damage…

  • Gophers kill established plants quickly
  • Moles can ruin rock walls and natural patios and walkways
  • Ground Squirrels can strip a vineyard or orchard of its fruit in a matter of days
  • All of the above animals can cause heavy soil erosion on hillsides. 

We use professional-grade traps that are custom made in California, that are extremely powerful yet set safely underground in the gopher’s tunnel where no children or pets can come into contact with them. When the gopher passes into the powerful trap, it is killed swiftly and we remove the body.

Gophers, moles, and ground squirrels cost Monterey County residents hundreds of dollars a year in landscape damages. Dead plants, unsafe soccer and baseball fields, collapsing pavement, and loss of crops are just a few of the reasons for rodent control, so you can get rid of gophers moles and ground squirrels fast.

About Gopher wire: …Gopher wirender lawns and veggie boxes can work for a few years, but make sure you get the good stuff…or it will rust away in no time.Click Here for a good use for gopher wire and how to gopher-proof your vegetable beds

Smiths Gopher Trapping Service of the Monterey Bay will eliminate these burrowing pests quickly and affordably in lawns, schools, parks, orchards, gardens and farms. Ground squirrels are especially attracted to horse stables because of the ample food and places to burrow under concrete. We can use bait stations to keep ground squirrel populations near zero year round.

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