Eliminating Moles From Lawn and Garden

Much like gopher trapping, we perform mole removal services using the following three-step approach:

  1. First, we probe the soil to locate the mole’s small underground tunnel system.
  2. Next, we set our specially designed mole traps. All of our traps are professional-grade stainless steel, and made in the U.S.A.
  3. We then cover the mole hole and mark its location, and return in 7-10 days to remove the dead moles.

When we pull out reaps and discard the pests, we will re-set traps wherever fresh mole-hills are visible. We repeat this process until all of your pests are gone. We repeat the removal process until all of your pests are gone. We will remove moles from many neighborhoods around California, including San Francisco.

Example of mole pile in lawn in Santa Cruz CA
Example of mole pile in lawn in Santa Cruz CA

Since eliminating moles is a bit more tricky and time consuming than gopher removal, we’ll continue to check the traps for several weeks until the moles are trapped successfully.  This mole pest control method is much more effective than using mole poison “gummy worm” bait. We have confirmed kills, where poison treatment are often inconclusive. A mole is a nomadic animal and sometimes folks think it is dead when it is really just off-site for a week or more. With traps we know if the mole is dead or on vacation!

Mole repellant does not work, nor do mole spikes for mole removal. We recommend returning these products and asking for your money back. Using a mole trapping company like ours is really the only way to ensure that the moles that are attacking your property are being eliminated and that the threat of property damage is being reduced or removed entirely. Since we actively trap your property for such a long duration when dealing with moles, we are certain that we will have positive effects of your yard. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with not only our results, but also with our service. We are so proud of our customer service and enthusiasm for the trapping and removal of these unwanted pests that we guarantee you overall satisfaction.

To schedule ground-mole removal from your property, or if you would like to learn more about how to get rid of moles in areas like San Francisco, contact us today via email, or call (408) 871-6988.