Ground Squirrel Control

Getting Rid of Ground Squirrels: A Challenging Pest On The Rise

There are few pests in California as quick-breeding, persistent, or damaging as the California ground squirrel. Because of their unpleasant contributions, this calls for ground squirrel removal, and we can help.

Ground squirrels dig burrows in open grassland, orchards, and around building foundations, patios, decks, and gardens all over the state. In the Bay Area, ground squirrels have taken root in the Los Altos Hills, San Jose, Saratoga, Portola Valley and Woodside. Smith’s treats ground squirrel issues using traps and bait. Trapping can be very expensive and generally is reserved for the “under no circumstances can poison be considered” type of property. Baiting is extremely effective, safe to kids, pets and wildlife- and affordable. The downside is it is not very effective from December to April.  Call Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service today for a consultation and estimate. We can trap and remove all kinds of pests, including ground squirrels!

An Often-Unseen Hazard

Over the years, we’ve seen large ground squirrel infestations destroy the fields at many schools and parks. Here, these pests create large holes in the playing fields that present a huge hazard to children and adults.
That’s because the opening of a ground squirrel burrow can easily fit a foot, sometimes allowing the entire lower leg to descend into the hole, which poses a risk of broken ankles and legs in soccer fields and play areas. To further exacerbate the danger, grass often lays down over the burrow opening so it cannot be seen.


Quick Action is Essential

Because ground squirrels reproduce quickly (five to nine babies a season), the longer a homeowner or property manager delays taking action, the exponentially larger the cost of control will be.

What’s more, new ground squirrels will happily re-inhabit old burrows, so it is important to not only remove these pesky critters, but to fill in the burrow openings they’ve created as well. This is essential for proper ground squirrel pest control and will help reduce repeat instances of these pests from damaging your property. Ground Squirrel pest control can definitely be a challenge, but with our knowledge and experience we are certain that we can help you get rid of these damaging and unwanted pests.

To schedule ground squirrel removal from your property, or if you would to learn more about how to trap ground squirrels, contact us today via email, or call (408) 871-6988.


Ground Squirrel Control: A Seasonal Approach

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that how you go about ground squirrel removal has many variables to take into consideration:

  • Cold weather can keep ground squirrels in their burrows for long periods of time, which makes them harder to control in winter.
  • Fresh green grass that grows in winter and spring can slow the control process. Ground squirrels can prefer grass over bait, and the grass can interfere with the bait’s mode of action in the squirrel.
  • In warmer weather, ground squirrels come out to forage. And in the summer and fall their diet preference favors bait.  This is generally the easiest time to control them.
  • Each burrow can contain many ground squrrels, and they will share burrows with their neighbors. It is important to put out enough bait to feed as many of the neighborhood gtound squirrels as possibe to get good control and create a buffer zone around your land.
  • Trapping small populations of ground sqirrels is a good option if bait is not permitted.

Ground Squirrel Damage
Ground squirrel damage under retaining wall