How We Get Rid of Gophers

A Unique, Affordable, and Effective Approach to Stopping Gopher Damage

Time and again, Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service receive calls from folks who are frustrated with the poor results they get from using pest control companies when they need to get rid of gophers and moles from the garden.

And that’s completely understandable, because gopher elimination or removal requires a different set of skills than most pest control companies have.  What’s more, the best way to stop gophers is to use traps — not poison (gas and poison baits are much less effective than trapping, cost more in the long run, and poisons are toxic to wildlife).

And that’s good news, especially for those who are adverse to the use of toxins around their home, office, and schools (We’re Healthy Schools Act exempt!)

The Benefits of Trapping Gophers vs. Using Poisons

Apart from safety concerns, Smith’s pest control services use trapping to get rid of gophers from your property for a number of reasons. In fact, trapping:

  • Works faster
  • Is less expensive
  • Has no side effects on the environment

Gopher Trapping: A 3-Step Process

To ensure the safe, effective, and guaranteed gopher removal from your property, Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service follows a simple, three-step process:

  1. To begin, we expose a small portion of the gopher’s underground tunnel, then set our professional-grade, stainless steel, U.S.A-made gopher traps within the tunnel.
  2. We then carefully close over the gopher hole and mark the trap location with small flags.
  3. A few days later, we return to remove the dead gophers from the traps and set more if needed.

While this gopher pest control process may seem simple, “it takes a special touch” and if not done carefully you can make smart gophers who are hard to catch. Our skilled trappers will get rid of gophers much more effectively than smoke, gas, poison, or the old garden hose trick.

We are so certain of our results in the trapping and removal of gophers from your property that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. As one of the best Bay Area gopher removal companies, we will not only bring you fantastic pest removal results, we will also bring amazing customer service with our friendly and knowledgeable staff that really cares about gopher extermination and removal and you, the customer. We proudly serve all of the Bay area communities and have vast experience with all of the unwanted pests that are known to inhabit this beautiful part of the country.

To schedule gopher removal from your property, or if you want to learn more about how to get rid of gophers, contact us today contact us today via email, or call (408) 871-6988.