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At Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, we are passionate about eliminating gophers, moles, voles, and ground squirrels from your garden safely, quickly, and — with the exception of ground squirrels — without the use of poisons. (Ground squirrel and some garden rat problems often require careful use of poison.) What’s more, our trappers are courteous, knowledgeable, and excited to help you kill gophers in your landscape.
When you hire the Smith’s Team, we’ll work to ensure our trapping programs stop the costly damage to your property caused by these burrowing pests.

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  5. And blog articles on gopher, mole, vole, and ground squirrel trapping are here.

Call Us (408) 871-6988 or email us today and we will get you the information you need on how we kill gophers. If we’re not available, we’ll return your phone call promptly. Our Mailing address is PO Box 112104 Campbell CA 95011

If you have a gopher or mole attack late in the day, simply leave a message and we’ll call you in the morning. We aim to get back to you fast because we know your landscape is in danger.

Our Gopher Trapping Family
We are a well trained group of gopher-getters who can get rid of gophers and moles and rats and ground squirrels and voles in your yard fast and with a friendly smile!