Gophers and Moles in the Neighborhood

Gophers and Moles in the Neighborhood

gophers and moles in the neighborhood often follow hard edges
Typical mole damage to a lawn

Do you have gophers and moles in the neighborhood?  These animals burrow under your landscape and can cause a lot of damage. Every home that has untreated gophers or moles can cause their neighbors a lot of headache and plant losses, so we like to let everyone know in a neighborhood to look out for the signs below of gopher and mole activity and help control these guys before they cost you a lot of money in repairs and plant replacements.

Gophers and Moles in the neighborhood are everybody’s problem. Untreated, they can breed and multiply and cause costly damage. Call Smiths Gopher Trapping to get rid of gophers if you see these signs. Voles and woodrats can case a lot of chewing damage to plants as well. If you are unsure what is digging up your garden or eating you plants, please call for some free help.

gophers and moles in the neighborhood. A telltale crescent shaped Gopher mound
A good example of gopher activity

If you see these signs, give us a call and stop the damage. We’re the Bay Area’s Best gopher getter, and we never use poisons. Check us out on!

Thanks for checking in!

Zach Smith, your Bay Area Gopher Guy is happy to answer any questions you may have. We serve communities from Santa CLara County to Alameda and Contra Costa and west to Marin County. We get rid of gophers!




For more information check out UC Davis Pest Identification Gophers  and  UC Davis Pest Id for moles


Smiths’s Gopher Trapping Service, your bay area gopher guy,  specializes is the eradication of gophers and moles in your neighborhood, as well as voles and pack-rats in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Give a call for some fee advice or a quote! We get rid of gophers!


How to Identify Gopher, Mole & Ground Squirrel Damage

How to Identify Gophers & How to identify Moles:

To some folks, the sigs of burrowing pests are all to easy to identify. If you live in an area regularly infested with gophers, moles or voles you will know the signs immediately. Piles of soil, ridges in lawns, holes in the grass and chewing on plants will give away the presence of these pests.

For some folks though, these are not usual things to see, but a one time fluke. They have a new critter that wandered in one night and took up residence, and their damage is less obvious or pronounced.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify a gopher or mole problem. The included videos will help illustrate the specific damage caused by gophers and moles as well as raccoons and squirrels.

If you have any uncertainty as to what kind of burrowing pest you have in your property, please give us a call, email or text and if you can send some pictures of the damage you are seeing. We will help you identify and resolve the problem.

Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, your Bay Area Gopher Guy, is happy to answer questions over the phone on how to identify gopher damage, and how to reduce their impact or get rid f gophers completely. Give us a call for free advice or a quote.

Gopher control in cemeteries

Gopher control in cemeteries is essential for customer satisfaction- By your bay area gopher guy, Zach Smith,

Tombstone toppling from gopher underminging
Tombstone toppling from gopher undermining

As gophers and moles work their way around a cemetery, bad things can begin to happen. The footing these heavy monuments sit upon will begin to settle and the marker can topple over, often breaking the marble, and potentially causing harm to others. Without gopher control, the nice straight rows of grave markers are knocked out of alignment by the gopher and mole undermining, giving the memorial park a unkempt and scattered look. And the gopher piles all over the lawns pose a tripping hazard for the bereaved. We suggest a gopher trapping program in cemeteries for exactly these reasons. The cost to keep gophers under control is much more affordable than paying to straighten headstones, and to compensate injured visitors who fall over a mole hill or step in a gopher hole. We get rid of gophers in cemeteries with traps, no secondary poisoning issues like pesticides cause. We’re the cemetery gopher guy of the bay area!

Gopher damages headstone
Gophers have surrounded this headstone and it will surely settle or fall over in time.


Gopher control in cemeteries is essential for customer satisfaction
This gopher is undermining this monument at a local cemetery, causing it to list to one side.
Gopher damage can cause broken ankles to guests at a cemetery while they visit their loved ones.
Gopher damage can cause broken ankles to guests at a cemetery while they visit their loved ones

One thing we learned recently to avoid: controlling gophers by making false burrows in cemeteries and farms. Though this may work upfront, the burrows are an invitation for return pests, especially ground squirrels. Learn more about alternative methods of  gopher control here:

Gopher Control
We don’t recommend this method for gopher control in cemeteries for the risk of inviting a major ground squirrel problem.

Examples of Gopher Damage in the Landscape and Garden

Examples of gopher damage by the bay area gopher guy, Mr “get rid of gophers” Zach Smith

I thought I’d write on something that seems simple enough, but for some folks may not be that easy to see. I will give some basic tips on how to spot a gopher or mole in your garden. Some will be basic signs that most will know, but we’ll post some more difficult to see activity that you can look out for. See pictures with captions below for some good examples of gopher damage around the San Francisco Bay Area

Gopher Pile Not a Mole
Examples of gopher damage- While moles make symmetrical, volcano-shaped piles, gophers piles always have a fan or kidney-bean shape, though it’s hard to tell sometimes. This picture is a classic example of the soil plug where the gopher filled in his hole after discarding the soil that he excavated to expand his tunnels.
Examples of gopher damage
Examples of gopher damage- This is easy to identify gopher damage to a lawn that most people are familiar with.
This is a small popup hole that a gopher made. These are tupical of older activity where no soil pile i needed to make new openings. These holes are often used for feeding on grass.
This is a small popup hole that a gopher made. These are tupical of older activity where no soil pile i needed to make new openings. These holes are often used for feeding on grass. This may be 2″ across or less














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Smith’s, your bay area gopher guy, services San Jose, San Francisco, Marin, Oakland, Danville and the surrounding greater bay area communities.   We get rid of gophers and we get them fast!  Check us out on Smiths review page

Yelp is a Great Source for Gopher Trapping Service Reviews!


As I look over my site on,

I begin to feel that maybe it is true that no good deed goes unpunished, Many of our reviews, all of which I sincerely feel are legitimate, have been filtered by Yelp’s algorithm.

I suspect has some way of fighting coerced feedback, and in our case, lots of 5 star reviews that came in all around the same time (hey, can’t a guy tell his customers he has a yelp page?) have been tossed out.

We’ll if anyone cares, here is a pdf of that filtered page. Thanks to our fantastic customers fro the very kind words!

Filtered Reviews for Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service | Yelp


Our review copy is here from

  • Review fromMartha G.

      Fremont, CA


    I’ve used Smith’s twice now to get rid of moles in my front yard. I have been very impressed and pleased with their service. They are efficient, responsive, and reasonably priced. I especially love that I can email them, and they’ll come right over usually within 24 hours to set their traps at no hassle to you. You don’t even need to be there – they’ll find the pest on their own, and you’ll know they were there when you see the blue flags they place in your lawn. I don’t know how they get the traps in place so easily, but they’ve trapped three moles for me and I couldn’t be happier. I spent months trying to kill what I thought were gophers using store bought poisons to no avail, all while the little buggers chewed up my front lawn. That will never happen again thanks to Smiths. I will continue to use them when necessary, and refer them to all of my friends!

    By the way, as a funny aside, a friend of mine saw Zach’s truck with the http://gopher-trapping.c… URL on the side and emailed me the info after seeing me complain about my lawn pests on Facebook. I doubt I would have found him otherwise, so yay for the power of the web and social media! Zach, do you guys have a Facebook page? You should!


  • Review fromRafael C.

     Menlo Park, CA


    Smith’s provide a very efficient, quick service. As we moved into our new house, we detected intense mole activity in our front yard. Used Yelp for my research. Called Smith’s, showed up next day, left traps marked with blue flags and a note to record visit. I asked them to call before they came, which they did;  a couple of visits laters, two moles gone and one more happy customer. Communication by email and phone plus online payment make the service really gratifying and user friendly. Highly recommended.

     Review fromQuan T.

  • San Francisco, CA



    I called and they showed up the next day.  I never met Dave but as they stated, after 3 visits over 1 month, the gophers were gone.  He left updates at the door. They charge a service fee and $60 per gopher and charged me for 2.  I would have loved to see those gophers but fully trust Smith’s Gopher in terms of what they caught.  You definitely saved me alot of hassle and it was a reasonable price!

     Review fromRich W.

  •  San Francisco, CA

    7/27/2012 2 photos

    Easy to make appointments and Smith’s Gopher Trapping services the Bay Area.  Tapper Eli arrived this morning, inspected the mounds of soil looked for tunnels for recent activity.  Eli concluded that my neighbors yards had more recent activity than in my yard.  No traps set No charge – Eli said call Smith’s again should Gophers come back.  Honest business – I hope not to see Eli again, but if the gophers return so will Smith’s.

  • Review fromSharon M.


    After we lost a cherry tree, grape vine, five artichoke plants and all my flower bulbs, decided to call Zac and team.  They came, they caught gophers and there has been no new gopher holes for the last five months.  Thank you Eli, Jaime and Zac!!

     Review fromSnagglepuss I.

  •  Redwood City, CA


    Great service and very reasonable prices! Thanks Zach & Dave for getting rid of the gopher in my front yard so quick.  Bill Murray would be very proud.

    Was this review …?

    •  Review fromLynn M.
  •  Los Altos, CA


    Thanks to Smith’s for helping us get rid of both a a gopher and a bunch of very destructive ground squirrels.  They were a pleasure to work with, too.  Highly recommended.


  • Review fromR W.

    Cupertino, CA



    I emailed Zach based on the Yelp reviews.  He wasn’t able to help me out, but a) responded very promptly to let me know and b) gave me a referral to someone he thought might be able to help.

    No complaints from me – this is exactly how I would expect a good business to behave.


    Smiths gopher page on

Gophers on Google+, Come Check It out!

Gophers on Google+

I am not sure if there is going to be a ton of interest in this, but its free and frankly I believe that a Google+ community on gopher anger could have some usefulness since a lot of bay area homeowners don’t know what to do about these guys. They want to get rid of gophers, and so they go to home depot and try the noise sticks, the repellents, the smoke bombs, and the poison, but they often don’t succeed.  I can’t imagine the time and money wasted!

We enjoy teaching folks in our local community about the benefits of trapping gophers and moles vs poisoning them because it is safer for the environment and safer for pets and kids. If you want to try to do it yourself, give a call and we’ll gladly tell you how to handle it, or see our trapping 101 page “how to trap a gopher”.


If you are a goole+ fan, please come add to our content at:  Gophers on google plus and hopefully we can get more neighbors to do something about their gopher or mole problem so it doesn’t become our problem.


Smith's Gopher Trapping Service your bay area gopher guy
Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service your bay area gopher guy removes gopher and moles (pictured above) from schools parks and cemeteries near San Francisco

Gophers in School Fields, a Gopher Invasion in Marin County

Gophers in school fields
Gophers in school fields can make playing ball dangerous.

We recently were engaged to clean-out the gophers from 4 school fields in Marin, including San Anselmo and San Rafael. Vallecito, Creekside, Miller Creek and Marin Waldorf gave up over 200 gophers in the first 4 weeks of trapping! We reduced the gopher population on the sports fields quickly, and the district and sports leagues will have nicer looking fields with safer playing surfaces. What is best, no poisons were used. We have proven time and again that a good trapper can outperform a poison operator every time!

We’re now servicing 35 schools in San Jose, Santa Clara, Menlo Park, Ross, Fairfax, Woodacre, and San Anselmo.

Though we have been primarily a residential trapper, we have the bandwidth to tackle schools and golf courses as well.


We set traps underground and cover them so the fields can be used while the trapping takes place.

Smiths Gopher Trpaping, Your bay area gopher guys, will remove gophers without poison from schools, cemeteries, parks and residences from San Jose to San Francisco and Marin, plus we cover Alameda and Contra Costa in towns like Pleasanton, Danville, and Walnut Creek. Give us a call and we will happily get the gophers out.  We trap moles and voles as well.

If you have gophers in school fields you are running the risk of a law suit if a child breaks an ankle in a gopher hole. It is much better to treat these pests proactively.


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As many folks know is probably the best thing to happen to classified ads ever. I have not typically advertised here because the ads are short lived and therefore takes a lot of maintenance.

Since it is free, and since it can hep get the word out about solving gopher and mole problems in the Bay Area, I feel like its a no-brainer.

Our goal is to be there for people in need, who are loosing plants and seeing their gardens being destroyed by gophers, moles or voles. We are plant protectors! We are garden defenders!

Gophers in Winter; All that the rain brings…

Well, we have a rainy winter, its official. Last year’s dry and sunny winter is a distant, yet fond memory. We see a lot of gophers in winter.
While we all need the water, its such a drag to be locked in-doors as a professional gopher getter. We can’t really get much work done when its coming down like cats and dogs- we just don’t want to make a muddy mess of our customers’ yards. What’s worse is, while our hands are tied the gophers and moles are setting up shop in many gardens around the San Francisco Bay- unsupervised!

You see, when the soil is soft and wet, it’s easy diggin’s for these guys, and  gophers in winter will venture out to explore for new food sources (in the case of gophers, its your winter snapdragons, in the case of moles, its the worms in your lawn). Where are we while all this damage is going on? Snuggled up inside of course! Who wants to play in the yard in this weather?! I sure don’t.

So what’s to do? Well, we need to all make a checkup on the yard a few times a season, and keep an eye out for gophers in winter especially. Be sure to ask your gardeners to keep a watchful eye for the indicators of new gophers, mole and voles. (See for some pictures to share with them.)

Typical gopher, mole, and vole activity
Typical gopher, mole, and vole activity

If you do find suspicious activity, give us a call! We’ll come by in a jiffy and help get them taken care of, and save you $hundreds in reparations come spring time.

Thanks for reading!

Zach Smith

Controlling Moles in The Garden

Controlling Moles in The Garden

Moles are frequent visitors to many bay area homes, much to the chagrin of
the avid gardener or anyone who has a dry laid stone patio.
The most common mole damage is seen as new piles of soil in the landscape
that seemed to pop up overnight. These piles often show up in the lawn or
between the segments of a flagstone patio. These soil piles are similar to a
gopher’s piles, but lack the fan shape and soil plug that is indicative of
that dreaded garden animal.   With moles we also often see raised ridges in
the lawn and along walkways that run on for many feet. These  soil piles and
ridges are created as the mole is tunneling to create passage through your
garden or to seek out food.

Continue reading “Controlling Moles in The Garden”