3 Common Yard Pests Homeowners Should Know About

When homeowners put a lot of time and effort in making their yard look nice, pests can be extremely bothersome. They can destroy the ground, plants, trees, and more. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell which pests you should be worried about. So let’s take a look at a few common mammal pests you should be aware of.




While they’re certainly beautiful creatures, deer can cause a lot of damage in a yard. They eat plants, vegetables, bushes, and trees. They can even cause damage to trees when they rub up against them with their antlers. Fortunately, deer are fairly easy to keep out of your yard. Installing fences can make it more difficult for deer to enter certain areas. Furthermore, planting deer-resistant plants and shrubs can make it so they’re not tempted to enter your yard in the first place.


Squirrels and Rabbits


Squirrels and rabbits alike enjoy eating seeds, bulbs, and tender plants. Squirrels can also get into bird feeders, which takes feed away from birds and can cause damage to the feeder. Many homeowners often wonder how to get rid of ground squirrels and rabbits. To prevent rabbits from getting into gardens, homeowners should install a fence that goes both above and below ground, since rabbits can burrow underneath. And as for how to get rid of ground squirrels, ground squirrel traps and squirrel bait poison can help trap, remove, and repel squirrels from the yard.


Moles and Gophers


Some of the most difficult pests to prevent and catch are gophers and moles. This is because they can quickly tunnel underground. Not only does this make them difficult to catch, but their tunnels can completely destroy a yard. Furthermore, gophers and moles eat plants, chew on tree roots, and can chew through plastic pipes. To prevent damage from these pests, mole and gopher netting and traps can be installed. Netting can prevent them from tunneling further and traps can remove them from the area completely.


With homeowners planting a greater variety of shrubs, flowers, and trees, pest numbers have also increased. Fortunately, the pest control industry is increasing as well, having grown by 2.9% between 2012 and 2017. So if you are experiencing problems with any of these pests, make sure to contact a pest control company today.