New Unwanted Neighbors? How To Figure Out Which Pest You Have

So you’ve looked out into the yard and seen signs of an unwelcome guest; maybe you saw a suspicious hole in the ground or a motion in the bush. Is it a ground squirrel, or a gopher, or a chipmunk? How can you tell? If you’ve realized you’ve got some new unwanted neighbors in the form of a common pest, here’s how to tell what you might be dealing with.




Gophers can be an irritating pest that damage your plants and yard fairly quickly. Gophers consume around 60% of their body weight in vegetation every day. They love to eat roots, herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowering plants. If you see signs of yard damage from gophers, contact a gopher trapping or gopher removal service as soon as possible to prevent the damage from worsening.


Gophers typically stay more hidden than ground squirrels, as they prefer remaining underground, even to eat. It’s less likely you’ll see a gopher, instead seeing more of the damage that they cause. Gophers tend to plug their holes to help them stay hidden; these unique holes can be a sign you’re dealing with gophers.


Ground Squirrels


It can be difficult to know the best way to catch ground squirrels when they show up in your yard, but it’s important to stop them early. Ground squirrels, if left unchecked, can do tons of damage to your yard and even your utilities. Because ground squirrels can burrow several feet deep, it’s possible they might dig into your utility lines. Make sure you contact pest removal services to avoid longer-term damage to your property.


Ground squirrels are more easily spotted in your yard, occasionally standing up remarkably straight on their hind legs. Their holes usually remain unhidden and uncovered, making them more easily recognizable.


Need help identifying which pest you’re dealing with or catching gophers and ground squirrels? Contact Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service today. Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service can help you figure out the best way to catch ground squirrels, along with providing gopher removal services to help protect your yard.