3 Facts About Unwanted Gophers

If you asked a homeowner or a property manager how to spell the word “nuisance”, what do you think the answer would be? It would probably look a little something like this: G-O-P-H-E-R. Pocket gophers burrow relentlessly, creating a problem that can be seen and needs to be manually rectified. To do this, individuals and pest control professionals need to trap a gopher.

Unwanted gophers can create havoc anywhere, especially in an area where cultivating a lawn or garden is involved. Animal and pest control to eliminate gophers is a huge business area in which this problem specifically is dealt with. You might not need to trap a gopher to eliminate the problem, though. There are other ways.

For those who might think that gophers are adorable, cuddly, fuzzy little charmers, here are three things about gophers that might make you change your mind and consider another point of view.

Gophers Cause Damage

First of all, pocket gophers dig and burrow and along the way they consume a lot of vegetation, especially in North America. Every day, they consume about 60% of their body weight. That is a lot of food! They eat flowers, leaves, trees, roots and more.

Gophers Mature Quickly

In general, gophers reproduce about once, maybe twice, per year. They do not reproduce incredibly quickly. However, after being born, a baby gopher is ready to go out on its own before it is just six weeks old! This makes it difficult not only to trap a gopher, but also to control the population.

Grassy Areas are Prone to Gophers

Pocket gophers burrow, and they need grass and land to do this. This can lead to problems in crop fields and flower beds. Also, golf courses and even your yard are both very vulnerable. But how to remove gophers? One good and non-lethal repellent to use is castor oil granules. It does not hurt gophers, it just makes them run away. The gopher problem is a threat and a nuisance that only gopher removal can solve.

So, if the problem of gopher abatement ever occurs on your property, remember to look for a professional pest and animal control company. Currently, the pest control business has about 27,000 establishments in operation in the United States.

Make sure the service is courteous, efficient, and above all, look for a guarantee of at least two years. You deserve an effective and thorough business that gives you the results you are looking for.