Easy Ways To Keep Ground Squirrels Away From Your Yard

Ground squirrels can be a nuisance at worst and a serious threat to your yard and home at worst. If left unchecked, ground squirrels can cause damage that will require expensive repairs to your house. This might be why the pest control industry is so successful; by 2020, the U.S. pest control industry is expected to bring in approximately $13 billion. If you want to avoid potentially expensive ground squirrel removal, here are a few tips on how to get rid of ground squirrels using ground squirrel repellent methods you might already have on hand.


  • Spice it up: Getting rid of ground squirrels doesn’t have to be too complicated; one of the easiest ways to keep ground squirrels out of your yard and garden is to make your plants taste bad to them. Sprinkle spices like cayenne and red pepper around your plants that you want to keep safe; the spiciness should keep ground squirrels away.


  • Sprinkler surprise: If you’re looking to keep ground squirrels away from your yard, get a bit creative with your sprinklers. Set your sprinklers up with a motion sensor, so any unwanted rodents will be deterred by the surprising spray. Let your automated sprinklers help you get rid of yard pests, and you won’t have to do much else to manage the problem.


  • Basic ground squirrel prevention: The easiest way to deal with ground squirrels is to not let them make their home in your yard to begin with. Make sure you keep your garden and yard fenced in, and place any trash bags into closed trash cans. Avoid creating places for ground squirrels to make their home; seal up any cracks or gaps in the walls of your home, and make sure that there aren’t places that ground squirrels might start building their homes in. By making your yard inhospitable for pests, you should be able to prevent ground squirrel problems.


Of course, if your ground squirrel problem is larger or if these ground squirrel repellent methods don’t work, you’ll need to contact a professional. Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service can help you get rid of ground squirrels and other pests. If you’re looking to remove gophers or ground squirrels from your yard, contact Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service today.