Got Gophers? Why Gophers Can Be A Problem For Your Yard

There are thirteen different types of gopher species that reside in the United States, meaning there are plenty of different types of these little troublemaking creatures that could be wreaking havoc on your yard. What’s so dangerous about these critters? Read on to learn just a few reasons you should remove gophers from your yard if they’ve decided to set up shop there.


  • Unsightly gopher holes: It’s no secret that gopher holes are a bad look for any yard. The unsightly mounds of dirt can pop up throughout your garden or yard. If you see dirt “tracks” from burrowing, however, you might not actually have a gopher problem; these are signs of moles, not gophers, since gophers burrow deep under the ground.
  • Damage to your plants: Gophers burrow about six to eight inches underground, exactly at the level to damage the roots of plants in your garden or yard. If you have a gopher problem, it’s likely that your vegetable garden will have a problem too, since damaged roots mean unhealthy plants.
  • Damage to irrigation: Gophers can do more than just damage the roots of your plants. They can also divert irrigation systems away from the parts of your yard that need it, leaving your plants dehydrated.
  • Plumbing, electric, and other underground utilities: Probably the most important reason to get rid of gophers is the damage they can do to your underground utilities. Gophers are notorious for chewing through plastic. This can severely damage your plumbing or electrical systems, leading to an expensive repair in your future. Even then, without removing gophers from your yard, the problem is likely to occur again after you’ve made repairs.

Gophers can be incredibly damaging to your home and yard, making them incredibly important to handle as quickly as possible. Typically, the best plan to remove them is to trap them and move them elsewhere, where they won’t be a nuisance on your property. Looking for a gopher removal service to trap gophers in your yard? Contact Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service to ask about the best way to remove gophers from your yard.