The Top 6 Essential Tips For Getting Rid Of Gophers

Gophers may not be your go-to animal when you think of pests, but don’t let that fool you. These hairy little critters can cause a whole lot of damage in a short amount of time. In fact, the tunnels that gophers burrow can reach between 200 to 2,000 square feet.

If gophers are making a feeding frenzy out of your yard burrowing tunnels in your landscaping, remember these six essential tips for getting rid of gophers.


  1. Start with prevention. Put wire mesh down beneath your flower beds before you start planting bulbs. This will keep gophers from burrowing their way into your garden.
  2. Take action ASAP. As soon as you notice a gopher problem, take action immediately. Gophers can product up to four offspring twice a year. What’s more, they can consume up to 60% of their body weight. That’s a lot of your landscaping being eaten away.
  3. Wear gloves when setting traps. When you touch gopher traps with your bare hands, you contaminate them with your scent. Wear gloves while setting the traps to keep the gophers from being able to tell you were there.
  4. Don’t DIY gopher poisons. In most cases, DIY gopher poisons don’t work and can be a general waste of money. Instead, hire a gopher exterminator who’s experienced in gopher elimination.
  5. Get the necessary permits you need. Before you can trap gophers, live or otherwise, you need to obtain the necessary permits in your area to do so. This is why another reason why it’s a good idea to contact your local gopher trapping service because they already have the permits necessary to remove the gophers from your property.
  6. Don’t forget to fill in tunnels. Once you’ve gotten rid of the gophers in your yard, be sure to remember to fill in the tunnels. When you leave the tunnels open, you risk more gophers coming back. What’s more, other pests could make their way to your yard including snakes, mice, rats, skunks, and beetles.

To get rid of gophers in your yard, it may be in your best interest to trap gophers using gopher netting. A gopher removal service can also help to ensure your garden is gopher free. To learn more about gopher netting and gopher abatement, contact Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service today.