Pest Problem? Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late: Gopher Gold With a Professional Trapping Service

gopher trappingGophers can be a nuisance on your property as well as pose a safety hazard to you and your family. The last thing you want is for someone to be walking in your yard and step in a gopher hole and twist their ankle.

You can try to scare these critters off or flush them out as much as you’d like, but a gopher is a resilient creature and can live between one and three years, and breed exponentially in that time frame.

Gopher removal is a viable option to eliminating your rodent problem, and if you’re wondering how to trap a gopher, then this guide is for you.

There are roughly three methods of gopher trapping that you can use.

Wire Traps

This kind of trap looks more like a spring-loaded pressure plate than anything else but can be an effective means of getting rid of gophers. When a gopher gets caught in a wire trap, it’s effectively rendered immobile by wire prongs. The original and probably most well known is the Macabee wire trap, although there are other variations that you could use.

Box Traps

Quite literally a box, this type of trap functions similar to a rat trap. Once inside the box, the gopher triggers a release mechanism and a spring-loaded wire bar clamps down, holding the gopher still. Box traps started out as wood traps but have evolved into a modern version, which is plastic. The Black Box Trap is one of the most well-known gopher box traps on the market today and can be an effective way to trap gophers.

Black Hole Traps

In essence, this trap is an evolved box trap that effectively tricks the gopher into entering. It’s shaped like a long cylindrical tube that is made to look like a gopher tunnel. Once a gopher enters unwittingly, a mechanism inside the tubing traps the gopher in place.

While going out and using one of these traps yourself can be an effective method in the short term, using a professional gopher trapping service is the best way to ensure long-term effects. Many gopher trapping services can humanely and efficiently eliminate your gopher problem without using poisons.

So don’t keep getting frustrated by the pesky burrowers, call a gopher removal service today.