Not every gopher in a San Jose middle school field makes piles of dirt every day.


The above video is an example that we want to share with our customers to illustrate how they can have gophers hidden right underneath their feet. Sometimes the telltale sign of “kidney bean” shaped gopher piles are absent. This is a middle school in San Jose California where we are working to remove gophers from the baseball field.  We see this kind of damage throughout school districts in San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga and Los Altos every week.

It’s easy to get rid of gophers in these kinds of settings with a regular trapping program. There is no need for poison. Gophers are easy to trap with the right technique. Smith’ Gopher Trapping Service has been providing gopher eradication to school districts in the Bay Area year after year with great results. We are safe, fast, and effective.  We have cleaned all the gophers out of more than five San Jose school districts as well as San Mateo, Castro Valley, Oakland, Novato, Mill Valley, and Los Altos schools.


Call Smith’s today for a free estimate for your home, school, Park, or commercial landscape. We get rid of gophers from Monterey to Mill Valley and in the Eastbay we go all the way to Concord and Fremont every week.