Ground Squirrel Poison as an Alternative to Trapping

Smith’s Gopher Trapping can provide Ground Squirrel Poison as an Alternative to Trapping

When ground squirrels have taken over, poison can be an effective method for rapid population reduction. When the ground squirrels are under control, nontoxic control can resume.

Smith’s Nontoxic ground squirrel trapping is best for the environment, but it can be prohibitively expensive when dealing with dozens or even hundreds of ground squirrels.

The CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation has strict rules on how ground squirrels can be eliminated. This link describes the approved ways to set up poison stattions.

Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service uses traps and or poison to quickly eliminate grond squirrls from vineyards and hillsides where they cause property damage and crop loss in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and Alameda County.

Some of the traps and poison bait stations that we use can be seen in the images below:


Wilco Bait Station  for Ground Squirrel Bait

Wilco Ground Squirrel Poison Bait Station
Wilco Ground Squirrel Poison Bait Station. Ground Squirrels enter this and feed . People and pets can not reach the bait.









“T” Style Bait Station for Ground Squirrel bait

T style bait station for ground squirrels
PVC Ground Squirrel Bait Station (Photo from JT Eaton) The ground squirrels can enter to feed but a person or pet could not reach the bait due to small opening.









Conibear Trap (This is always set for ground squirrels within an enclosure where people and pets cannot reach)

Ground squirrel trap Conibear 110
A traditional lethal conibear trap for ground squirrels. This is set within a box with a small opening that only ground squirrel can enter. This uses nontoxic bait to lure the ground squirrel into the trap. The squirrel is killed swiftly.










Smith’s Gopher Trapping Provides Ground Squirrel poison, trapping, and repellant services from Santa Cruz to San Jose to Los Altos to Woodside weekly.

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