Gophers blamed for injury to schoolgirl in Fremont CA

Gophers blamed for injury to school girl in Fremont CA

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A young lady playing on the sports fields at Thornton High School in Fremont fell while running on afield heavily infested with gophers. Witnesses said it looked as though she fell because she tripped over a gopher pile or stepped in a gopher hole.

Her family fears that she may not be able to play sports again due tot he severe injury she sustained to her leg.  Apparently broken badly and requiring a titanium rod to repair.

This exemplifies why it is so important to get rid of gophers in school fields. Many schools do not have gopher control in the budget until it is too late. A law suit often is the result of these gopher-related injuries.

It is not hard to keep a school or park field free of gophers or moles. A simple trapping program will eradicate them quickly and keep the populations near zero all the time.

Gopher damage to play surface
Gopher damage can cause injury by making fields unsafe