Keep gophers out with an underground barrier fence

We have can keep gophers out by installing an underground barrier fence in your yard. Though it sounds difficult and expensive, often times it is not. To keep gophers out of your sensitive areas we dig a trench two feet deep and install galvanized underground. The wire can parallel fence lines, be put around gardens and under  veggie beds before vegetables are planted.

Gophers will not tunnel under a 2 foot barrier and the galvanization on gopher wire is ver thick to protect against rust.

We can keep gophers out of any part of your yard so long as the soil can be excavate to install the fencing. If there are tree roots, pipes, underground utilities etc it will be more difficult.

This is best used to go along a fence that borders open space. It will keep gophers out of your yard because they can’t burrow under the wire or climb over and through your fence. It is important that the underground barrier fence extends above the ground about 4-5″ so that gphers can not crawl over. After the wire is installed, the trench is filled in and you can garden and landscape as usual.   This underground barrier fence will also keep ground squirrels out.

Below is a crudely drawn diagram of how the fence is installed.  It is not to scale but it clearly illustrates how the trench is filled with gopher wire, which has small openings in the mesh so that even baby gophers can not pass through.

keep gophers out with underground barrier fence
Gopher wire is run underground to keep gophers out













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