Gopher Gimmicks Don’t Work

We get a lot of feedback from folks on the things they hear about how to get rid of gophers. Im here to tell you that gopher gimmicks don’t work and why.


List of common gimmicks:

-Chewing gum

-Chocolate Laxative

-Cat poop

-Animal Urine

-High frequency noise emitters

…and the list goes on.
Here is why these gopher gimmicks don’t work:  Gopher’s don’t care about what you do up above them and you almost never actually find their tunnel.When you “open the tunnel and drop (whatever) in” you make a huge mess of things and the gopher  will just abandon that tunnel and  continue on with his life. They don’t care about gopher gimmicks like high pitch noise, they don’t care about pee or poop, they don’t even know you exist and aren’t worried about your futile efforts to deter them. They don;t even laugh at your gopher gimmicks because these animals don’t have a sense of huor, they arent wrathful, they aren’t out to get you….they are just being the little herbivoures that they are and want to be left alone.

Here’s what really happened after you tried the above gopher gimmicks and the “gopher went away”  It was either a) a mole who was moving on anyway and didn’t intend to stick around, or b) the gopher was eaten in the night by an owl, cat, etc. which is normal and usual.  All the while you think because a pile of dirt exists in your lawn the animal is living right under it as if its whole existence was carried out in a little cave it created in one place in your yard. This is why gopher gimmicks are useless and a huge waste of time and money.

Moles make piles of soil that most folks think are gophers. Moles don’t care about you or your poop, pee, noise or gum either, and moles are nomadic and can be long gone by the time you have finishe dreading this article and get your arsenal of insanity together to go get rid of it.

Oh, and 90% of the pictures you see on the internet of gophers are really prairie dogs and ground hogs. A gopher could not be more different in look, habit, or size. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on gopher control on the internet and i’ts likely beyond me and my blog to set the story straight.


Long story sort; only two methods reliaby work for gopher eradication (and moles too) and they are traps and poison.