Locally owned company specializing in burrowing pests

Locally owned company specializing in burrowing pests.


You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a home services provider. Especially when dealing with pest control. Many pest control companies deal in ants and termites and rats and mice, but few are really specialists in eradicating gophers and moles.

Even fewer still are the pest control companies that are locally owned and specialists in getting rid of gophers and moles.

Enter Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service! Not only are we locally owned but we do nothing but trap (way better than poison) gophers, moles and voles around the bay area at an affordable price.

We’re your bay area gopher guy, treating burrowing pests from San Jose to Novato using nontoxic methods that are superior to poison, safer than poison, and targeted at only the pest you need to eliminate, with no side effects.

Our traps are placed underground, out of reach of children or pets, and they kill the gopher or mole quickly and humanely. We burry the bodies deep in the tunnel where they quickly decompose quickly because they are so small.  There is no smell or other sign that we’ve been there- just clean trouble free lawn and landscape.

When you call Smith’s you are calling a small, locally owned company who is licensed and insured, and is an expert in their craft. You can leave the dirty work to us an we will eliminate your gopher problem quickly.

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