Gophers and Moles in the Neighborhood

Gophers and Moles in the Neighborhood

gophers and moles in the neighborhood often follow hard edges
Typical mole damage to a lawn

Do you have gophers and moles in the neighborhood?  These animals burrow under your landscape and can cause a lot of damage. Every home that has untreated gophers or moles can cause their neighbors a lot of headache and plant losses, so we like to let everyone know in a neighborhood to look out for the signs below of gopher and mole activity and help control these guys before they cost you a lot of money in repairs and plant replacements.

Gophers and Moles in the neighborhood are everybody’s problem. Untreated, they can breed and multiply and cause costly damage. Call Smiths Gopher Trapping to get rid of gophers if you see these signs. Voles and woodrats can case a lot of chewing damage to plants as well. If you are unsure what is digging up your garden or eating you plants, please call for some free help.

gophers and moles in the neighborhood. A telltale crescent shaped Gopher mound
A good example of gopher activity

If you see these signs, give us a call and stop the damage. We’re the Bay Area’s Best gopher getter, and we never use poisons. Check us out on!

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Zach Smith, your Bay Area Gopher Guy is happy to answer any questions you may have. We serve communities from Santa CLara County to Alameda and Contra Costa and west to Marin County. We get rid of gophers!




For more information check out UC Davis Pest Identification Gophers  and  UC Davis Pest Id for moles


Smiths’s Gopher Trapping Service, your bay area gopher guy,  specializes is the eradication of gophers and moles in your neighborhood, as well as voles and pack-rats in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Give a call for some fee advice or a quote! We get rid of gophers!