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The Bay Area has many types of animal pests. At Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, we specialize in trapping pests that dig and burrow in your lawn and landscape. Our pest removal service also covers the trapping of moles, voles, ground squirrels, and rats. We also offer carbon monoxide treatments for ground squirrel burrows in school fields. This is a Healthy Schools Act preferred method.

Our customers enjoy working with a locally owned,  Bay Area-based rodent trapping and gopher removal service that can eliminate burrowing pests and garden rats quickly. We get rid of gophers, moles, voles, ground squirrels, and rats quickly and safely to stop the damage to your property. We have been in the gopher removal service for over 10 years.
As a graduate of Cal Poly Horticulture (Class of 2002),  I worked 9 years as a landscape professional- dealing with gophers, moles, and ground squirrels every day. Today, my company Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service traps and safely removes burrowing pests like gophers and ground squirrels (we also catch a lot of moles, voles, and rats also), in residential and commercial properties, as well as schools, cemeteries, vineyards, and public parks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, from Marin to Monterey (See our service area here) with our gopher services.

We are State licensed and insured. We can also treat for gophers and ground squirrels using carbon monoxide, which is a very  safe option on schools and parks. Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service safely gets rid of all types of rodents (like gophers) that tunnel in your lawn, chew your fruit (like rats do), eat your plants, and bump all your newly planted flowers out of the ground (like moles do).

You can read testimonials from just a handful of our clients, right here, or check us out at Yelp.com  We believe you will be more than satisfied with our mole, vole, and gopher removal services!

At a Glance: The Smith’s Gopher Trapping Difference

As over four thousand clients throughout the Bay Area have discovered, we’re not your average gopher trapping service.  Here are just a few reasons why we’re the gopher-getters of choice:

    1. Licensed: Our licenses includes a CA Department of Fish and Game Trapper’s License (this is required to trap ground squirrels), DPR Qualified Applicator’s License (Surprisingly this is required to trap gophers and is prerequisite to offer any pest control services in CA) and a CA State Pest Control Business License (Required to conduct any type of pest control for hire in CA).
    2. Poison-free: We trap and remove gophers, voles, and moles without using any poisons, ever. (Smith’s trappers can get rid of gophers and moles faster and more affordably than a poison applicator can) Note: we also offer carbon monoxide treatments for large ground squirrel problems in schools. We can also bait for ground squirrels and rats because sometimes poison is the only effective control option. This is especially true for rats, voles and ground squirrels, please call for a detailed explanation.
    3. Highly effective: We eliminate the toughest ground squirrel, mole, rat and gopher problems using the most effective and affordable methods. We guarantee our results.
    4. Locally owned: Our team of gopher-getters are always nearby and can respond to your needs quickly — often in less than 24 hours.
Looking for a DIY approach to trapping a gopher? click here

Safe and Effective

In addition to our gopher trapping service, we also trap and eliminate moles, meadow voles, rats and ground squirrels. Sometimes trapping large pest infestations of voles, rats or ground squirrels would be cost prohibitive when hundreds of animals are residing in and around property. In these cases, the we can provide careful and precise pesticide treatments or fumigate burrows with carbon monoxide.  We use the safest baiting methods available. Our CA approved multi-feed baits have little to no secondary effect on other wildlife when used in our locked bait stations.  We understand that ground squirrel poison (aka “bait” or “rodenticide”) is a hot-button word, and understandably, folks have concerns that bait  could end up harming a dog, cat, fox, hawk, etc. We share these concerns as well, and therefore we only apply multi-feed baits designed for very low secondary toxicity. These baits don’t stay in ground squirrel’s body for long . We always use a specially designed, locked bait station. These bait stations allow entry by the ground squirrel, vole or rat, but are inaccessible by pets, kids, and other wildlife. Multi-feed baits are designed to be low toxicity so that the pest must feed on it for extended periods of time to obtain a lethal dose. What’s best, the bait does not stay long in a ground squirrel or rat’s body; after ingestion, it is quickly metabolized so any carcass that is eaten by a scavenger has very little active ingredient left in it to do harm.

We know that applying bait vs trapping can be a tough decision, and we do not initially set out to use rodent baits, but after several years we came to learn that large populations of ground squirrels, or meadow voles, or rats cannot be trapped economically, and a property can be completely destroyed by ground squirrels quickly. We would be happy to talk with you about any concerns you may have regarding rat bait or squirrel poison at any time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Best of all, our results are guaranteed, as is your total satisfaction. If your experience with us is ever less than perfect, we will make things right — right away.

Mole? Vole? Rat Gopher? Ground squirrel? Who’s tearing up the grass on your property, anyway? Learn a simple process for how to ID your pest here