Rats In The Yard and Garden

Smith’s Rat Trapping Service

We have been helping customers with rat pest control in their gardens, garage and property for many years as an add-on service, but we never really advertised rat trapping as a stand-alone rat pest control removal service until now. We also offer rat bait using a Vitamin D based poison that has very good safety and low risk of secondary poisoning to wildlife.

All of your bait and traps are set safely and securely to keep away from children, pets, or non-target wildlife. We are licensed to treat garden rats and rats causing damage to crops, landscaping, or livestock. We can remove rats in and around your chicken coop, shed, garage etc.

We often see rats chewing wires in the landscape and under car hoods. Rats chew wood, and damage fences. Rats tunnel and rats get into chicken coops and injure chickens and eat eggs. Rats will destroy a vegetable garden quickly and will chew fruit in trees as it comes ripe.

There are a few different rat species in the San Francisco Bay Area. We mainly see Norway rats, roof rats and wood rats. We perform rat removal services by trapping or poisoning nuisance rats around the home and garden from Monterey to Novato. If you have noticed rat damage or a rat presence in your garden, call us immediately to have us help you reduce the damage caused by these harmful pests. We are so certain that we can help you with this pest control, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee for our services. Our friendly and helpful staff will do their best to remove the threat of rats from your garden and help prevent any more damage from occurring.