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We are Healthy Schools Act Compliant!

We offer solutions to your gopher and ground squirrel problems that use approved methods and products that are Healthy Schools Act (HSA) exempt which minimizes HSA reporting. Please call for more info and a quote for treatment.

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We are State Licensed and insured to trap (and safely apply poison for ground squirrels if need be) for the following pests found in the San Francisco Bay Area:

 Gophers – Moles – Voles – Wood Rats – Packrats- Ground Squirrels

Why We’re Special:

– We provide gopher and mole removal without poison or pesticides – ever!  (You don’t need em- trapping gophers is more effective!)

– We’re a locally owned gopher service specializing in the elimination burrowing pests.  We are based in the San Francisco bay area.

– We get rid of gophers, moles, voles and ground squirrels quickly and effectively. Our results are Guaranteed!  

How did we get into this business you ask?

As a professional gardener and horticulturist, I could not find the level of responsiveness and value that I expected and required from the local gopher service when I searched the web and the yellow pages, so I set out kill gophers myself. By design, we are always prompt, responsive, and reliable. If a customer feels otherwise, I  make things right immediately.  Our gopher trapping employees are courteous and honest, and excited to help protect your property from burrowing pest damage.  We’ll work hard to impress you, and we guarantee results. Please check out our Yelp Reviews and our Facebook page for more info on our company, as well as our Blog.

If you like to try catching your own moles and gophers, email me and I’ll gladly share our techniques on how to trap a gopher, mole or vole. Our only “secrets” are hard work and lots of practice! Be careful that you don’t make smart gophers, their very hard to catch!

More Info:

– How to Trap a Gopher
– How to get rid of Moles
– How to trap Voles
How to identify your pest

Call us when you see the piles of dirt in your lawn that give away the location of gophers and moles. We’ll come out quickly and remove the animals.  We are the Bay Area’s #1 landscape protectors!  

Gopher, mole and ground squirrel extermination is important for the health of your landscape and garden (No, moles don’t eat plants, but they can be pretty rough on them while they search out the grubs and worms).

Zachary Smith, your bay area gopher guy (hey!, We trap moles and ground squirrels too!!), is dedicated to preserving your Bay Area, Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Beach landscape.


A picture of our crew

Our highly skilled gopher trappers.

We eliminate gophers moles and voles in the bay area and Chico CA too

Typical Mole Activity. Moles can Make Piles That Look a Lot Like a Gopher’s

Our happy customers include: City parks, school districts, and thousands of private residences around the San Francisco Bay. Give us a try! We think you will be impressed by our results.

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We service following Bay Area neighborhoods twice weekly:
Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, San Jose, San Francisco, Woodside, Los Altos, Novato, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Fremont, Oakland, El Cerrito, and Santa Cruz/ Bonny Doon, CA too!