About Smith’s

Our customers enjoy  working with a company that can get rid of gophers and moles quickly and safely. Founded in 2007 by Cal Poly horticulturalist and landscape professional Zachary Smith, Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service serves residential, commercial properties, schools and public parks throughout the Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Monterey.

State Licensed and insured, Smith’s safely gets rid of gophers, moles, voles, garden rats and ground squirrels without poison. (Read testimonials from just a handful of our clients, right here.)

At a Glance: The Smith’s Difference

As over two thousand clients throughout the Bay Area have discovered, we’re not your average gopher trapping service.  Here are just a few reasons why we’re the gopher-getters of choice:

    1. Licensed: Our extensive list of licenses includes a CA Department of Fish and Game Trapper’s License, DPR Qualified Applicator’s License, and a State Pest Control Business License (Required to trap or bait any rodent pest).
    2. Poison-free: We get rid of gophers and moles without using any poisons, ever. (Because we can get rid of more gophers and moles faster than a poison applicator can)
    3. Highly effective: We eliminate the toughest ground squirrel, mole, garden rat and gopher problems using the most effective methods.
    4. Locally owned: Our team of gopher-getters are always nearby and can respond to your needs quickly — often in less than 24 hours.
Looking for a DIY approach to trapping a gopher? click here

Safe and Effective

We’re more than just a trapping service. In fact, the Smith’s Team provides a multitude of treatments related to your landscape’s health and vibrance using the most effective organic, non-toxic, and conventional methods available*. These services include:
  1. Simple and effective resolution of horticultural problems such as declining plant health, soil improvement, and pest elimination;
  2. Fruit tree dormant spray and pruning and Rose pruning;
  3. Safe, effective treatment of common tree diseases, including anthracnose, powdery mildew, black spot, and sudden oak death (for more information, check out www.touchtrees.com);
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of lawn disease;
  5. Fast treatment of pesky insects, including caterpillars, aphids, scale, and white fly;
  6. Nurturing of drought-stressed trees back to health without violating water-use restrictions; and
  7. Landscape fertilization, soil analysis, and soil amendment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Best of all, our results are guaranteed, as is your total satisfaction. If your experience with us is ever less than perfect, we will make things right — right away.

* Since we always use organic and low-toxicity products, our tree, shrub, and lawn spraying is performed with the safety and care needed for the protection of your family and pets.

Mole? Vole? Rat Gopher? Ground squirrel? Who’s tearing up the grass on your property, anyway? Learn a simple process for how to ID your pest here