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We Eliminate: Gophers – Moles – Voles – Ground Squirrels


In the  San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas


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We are State Licensed and insured to eliminate pests on residential and commercial properties as well as schools and parks.

Why We’re Special:

– We get rid of gophers and moles without poison – ever!  (You don’t need it- trapping gophers is faster, safer, and more effective)

– We eliminate the toughest ground squirrel problems using both conventional  and nontoxic methods based on your needs.

– We’re a locally owned gopher service specializing in the elimination burrowing pests.  Homegrown in the San Francisco bay area. 

How did we get into this business, you ask?

As a professional gardener and horticulturist (Cal Poly Horticulture, Class of 2002), I could not find the level of responsiveness and value that I expected and required from the local gopher services, so I set out learn to kill gophers and moles and ground squirrels myself.

By design, my team members are always prompt, responsive, courteous, and reliable. If a customer ever feels otherwise, I  make things right immediately.  Our gopher trappers  are passionate about what they do and are excited to help protect your property from burrowing pest damage.  We’ll work hard to impress you, and we guarantee results.

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More Info:

– How to Trap a Gopher
– How to get rid of Moles
– How to trap Voles
How to identify your pest


A picture of our crew

Our highly skilled gopher trappers.

We eliminate gophers moles and voles in the bay area and Chico CA too

Typical Mole Activity. Moles can Make Piles That Look a Lot Like a Gopher’s

Our happy customers include: City parks, school districts, and thousands of private residences around the San Francisco Bay. Give us a try! We think you will be impressed by our results.

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We service following Bay Area neighborhoods twice weekly:
Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, San Jose, San Francisco, Woodside, Los Altos, Novato, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, Pleasanton, Fremont, Oakland, El Cerrito, & Santa Cruz/ Bonny Doon.